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Message from Campaign Chair

Joe Catti PhotoAs Henry Ford once said, “Nothing is particularly hard, if you divide it into small jobs.”  That’s the approach we’re using as we strive to reach the $100 million GOAL (Gift of a Life Time) Capital Campaign to expand the Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

We are grateful to a group of community leaders who are heading up “pods” that are sharing the story of the Children’s Hospital expansion, and asking individuals, businesses, and organizations to help.  We knew that with a campaign of this magnitude, and a project this paramount to our community, we would need long stretching arms, generous hearts, and dedicated volunteers – and that’s exactly what we are finding.

We invite everyone in the community, full-time or part-time, working or retired, old or young, with children and grandchildren or without, to consider supporting this project at the highest level possible. Your generosity will be felt not only by the caregivers who will use the facility and technology to save lives, but by the thousands of children, grandchildren who will rely on this new facility each and every day. 

By no fault of their own, children and families in our region are struck with the most unfortunate circumstances of requiring the highly specialized care of our Children’s Hospital. Most of these families are hard-working employed citizens who simply have no insurance or are victims of the national healthcare dilemma which provides declining reimbursements, an increase in demands and services from older adults, and no local tax support or funding from national organizations such as the Children’s Miracle Network.  Yet these children and their families face life-threatening diseases, accidental injuries, and chronic conditions that that can only be treated at a dedicated Children’s Hospital.

Will you help?  Can we count on you to make an individual or corporate gift or pledge, or consider including the Children’s Hospital in your estate plans?

To learn more about the project or to request a tour of the existing Children’s Hospital, please call (239) 343-6950 or email

Together, we know that we can make….. the Gift of a Life Time (GOAL).



Joseph R. Catti